A PLEA has gone out to park users to keep Glasgow's green spaces clean after Queen's Park was left in a "disgusting mess".

Friday and Saturday nights saw groups of people picnicking and socialising in the park.

But on Sunday the park was strewn with litter, discarded glass bottles and empty food packaging.

Glasgow Times:

Frustrated locals were seen taking the matter into their own hands by going round the park with bin bags, picking up litter themselves.

Nearby resident Paul Nicolson said: "This is a disgusting mess.

"The park looked like T in the Park last night and fine, if that's what people want to do then it's their choice, but take your rubbish home with you.

Glasgow Times:

"There's broken glass and fag butts everywhere you look.

"People have left blankets behind that are soaked from the rain and just lying there - it's gross.

Glasgow Times:

"There's dogs running around now in this mess and children trying to use the park for playtime while avoiding all this discarded litter."

Nicola Sturgeon announced last week that more than one household - up to three at a time - can meet at once.

With the slight relaxing of lockdown rules into stage two, people have been flocking to greenspaces.

But they have been asked not to break the law by drinking alcohol outdoors.

That rule had clearly been ignored with dozens of beer cans and booze bottles lying in the grass.

Local councillor Mhairi Hunter said: "I will get in touch with cleansing about the frequency of bin collections but I am also frustrated by the number of people who just dump their rubbish if the bins are full.

Glasgow Times:

"People bring food and drink into the park in bags and if the bins are full they should take the empty containers home in the same bags and dispose of them there instead of leaving them in the park."

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said she had also raised the issue with the cleansing department.

She said: "Concerns have been raised regarding overflowing bins and littering in Queens Park, which I have raised with the cleansing department.

"It is important that everyone using the park is using the bins provided and not leaving litter.

"It is also important that Glasgow City Council cleansing department is emptying the bins regularly to ensure the park is clean."