THE picture you printed of mess in the parks is not unusual (Glasgow Times, Monday).

The bins are very small and quite decorative for normal times As you see from the photograph people have been trying their best to stuff the rubbish into the bins.

I have no doubt that after a few hours creatures of two and four legs have been emptying them faster than any binmen could

The public are doing quite well but we need bigger bins sited where these messes occur.

I have ordered bigger bins for the park nearest to my home to be sited where the mess is.

If only until normal times return, I hope the officers will be able to gauge where the busiest places are.

Baillie Josephine Docherty

Via email

THIS is only one reason why I criticise our City (‘Clear up your mess’: Queen’s Park left in ‘disgusting’ state, Monday).

There are so many slobs out there who should know better but their attitude is leave it to someone else.

Actually though it`s a miracle they even got out of bed. The lockdown has only encouraged the very many lazies we have to get worse. Get these idiots back to work now.

Ian Mackay

Posted online

CAN I suggest your reader MA stops his Tory bashing and starts on this pathetic SNP mob.

We have been lied to repeatedly by incompetent Scottish ministers who appear when the going is good and disappear when it gets tough, but still their supporters follow like sheep. This lockdown has shown how financially poor Scotland has become under this SNP cartel who aided by the Greens have instituted policies designed to punish hardworking Scots.

In order to protect our mismanaged underfunded NHS, they sacrificed care home residents and staff to covid.

Meanwhile they harp on about how well the FM is doing – get real, in my opinion she has destroyed the future of Scotland.



SADLY this is what is going to continue to happen if we don’t get people back to work and businesses up and running again (Glasgow hairdressers closes after nine years due to the coronavirus pandemic, Glasgow Times online).

William Smith


I COULDN’T believe my eyes when I walked through Kelvingrove Park on Saturday.

The amount of under-age teenagers gathering drinking on the hill was a disgrace.

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