A WOMAN was reported to police by her former lover after she sent him sexual photos of herself.

Leeanne Findlay then coughed on an officer while claiming she was infected with coronavirus.

She was jailed for 21 months after admitting to a number of charges including assault as well as acting in a threatening and abusive manner.

Police turned up at the 37-year-old’s home in Castlemilk, Glasgow in April.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Findlay had earlier sent three sexual images of herself and a man to “on/off” lover Brian Meek.

Prosecutor Amanda Gallagher said: “It showed herself and another male in a state of undress and engaged in sexual activity.”

Mr Meek was “alarmed” by the images and contacted the police who later turned up at her home on Tormusk Road.

Findlay admitted to sending “nudes” to Mr Meek through the other man’s Facebook account.

It was discovered Findlay was subject to live warrants and was informed she would be arrested.

Miss Gallagher said: “Findlay stated ‘You’re not f***ing jailing me, I’ve got Covid-19.

“She then coughed in the direction of PC Lisa Reid causing saliva to land on the officer’s body armour.”

Findlay was then handcuffed but not charged at the time due to her “aggressive demeanour.”

The mum-of-five also pleaded guilty to two further threatening or abusive manner charges and intending another former lover to breach his non-harassment order.

Susan Gibson, defending, told the court that Findlay’s behaviour was “appalling.”

She added: “The images were sent out in malice towards her ex-partner while drunk.

“She wanted to show him that she had moved on and there was an element of showing him what he had been missing.

“She apologises to the police officer and she is remorseful as she knows the officer would have been alarmed.”

Sheriff Paul Crozier called the spitting assault “extremely serious” as he jailed her.