In the last seven days we moved to the next phase of lockdown and with it came more changes.

While many Taxi drivers have been on the road, as key workers, throughout the pandemic, a fair percentage were parked up for some weeks or even months.

Now it’s clear that more and more are back on the streets as we creep towards normal, or at least new normal.

It’s been great to say hello – from a safe distance – to fellow drivers not seen for a while.

Some drivers take delight in keeping certain colleagues at least two metres away from them, right enough!

It’s also been nice to see a few more passengers and customers again.

Or at least see a part of them … as the new normal requires all passengers to wear face coverings while in taxis, but that’s just something we have quickly got used to.

It’s for everyone’s benefit after all, so face masks, automatic doors, contactless payments and anti-bacterial handwash are giving reassurance on both sides of the partition.

The black hackney partition in all Glasgow Taxis mean drivers are exempt from wearing masks – but some of us are choosing to do so anyway.

Masked passengers, October 31 aside, are not something anyone could have imagined at the start of the year – but it’s the new normal and we are all doing our best to adjust.

Speaking of masks, we were denied our fancy dress trip to Troon last week, with the 300 children stuck at home instead – but they had a great time thanks to the one-off “Lockdown To Troon”.

Credit to the Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund for putting on a virtual party for the kids – as well as the parents, carers and teachers for whom the last three months must have been a slog.

At least last Wednesday they were cheered up with a day of fun – and we can all look forward to next year now.

Finally, last word this week goes to Mary McLaughlin, who tragically died recently aged 58 after 40 years of service to the trade, latterly as a valued and popular office worker at Glasgow Taxis HQ.

It is testament to the high regard with which she was held that 100-odd fellow drivers gave her and her family a guard of honour on arrival to a private funeral on Friday.

It really was quite a sight and emotional moment – and even made the front page of this paper the next day, which was a lovely touch.

All drivers pass on their very best to Mary’s family and friends.

Rest in peace, Mary.