GLASGOW’S Lord Provost has been presented with a plaque from the city council’s cleansing department to say thank you for his contribution during lockdown.

The glass plaque was awarded to Lord Provost Phillip Braat on behalf of the GMB Glasgow 40 branch to thank him for working with the cleansing department and helping local charities.

Nine brass plates have also been awarded to the cleansing depots across the city.

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Chris Mitchell, convener of the GMB Trade Union for the cleansing department at Glasgow City Council, said: “This is a token from the GMB branch 40 cleansing services for the contribution the Lord Provost has done for charity in the last eight weeks during these challenging times.

“This is for the hard work he has done to help the people of Glasgow. We want to say thank you for all the work he has done for the cleansing department, charities and all key workers within this city.

“We want to show our appreciation to you.”

Mr Braat thanked them for the token and passed on his thanks to all members of the city’s cleansing team.

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He said: “This is far too generous. I don’t deserve this compared to what everyone else has had to do throughout the city and that includes all of you and all the rest of the frontline staff.

“I want to say a big thank you to all the voluntary groups throughout the city of Glasgow and to everyone who has played their part in keeping the city running and looking after the vulnerable within our city.

“This is an unbelievably generous token and gesture which I will appreciate forever more but I think this has to be shared with every single person here within Glasgow City Council and everyone within the city of Glasgow.

“I would like to offer a sincere deep thank you to everyone.”