CALLS for Glasgow parents to join a campaign for 50 percent in-school time have been launched despite proposals which might allow children to return fulltime.

The group 5050inschool which have five priorities for the safe return to school, held a virtual conference call on Tuesday with MSPs and around 90 parents in Scotland asking for a minimum of 50 percent in-school time and a national standard of online, interactive learning.

On Tuesday evening, Ross Greer MSP from the Green Party, Beatrice Wishart MSP from the Liberal Democrats, Jamie Greene MSP from the Conservatives, Iain Gray MSP from the Scottish Labour Party and Rona Mackay from the SNP joined the webinar chaired by Jackie Broke, chief executive of children in Scotland.

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Earlier in the day, education secretary John Swinney announced that Scottish schools were aiming to reopen full-time with no physical distancing in August if coronavirus continued to be suppressed.

Sarah Chisnall, who organised the event, said: “It was a really positive conference call.

"We had expected 180 people to sign on but following the announcement from John Swinney some decided not to.

“We still had around between 80 to 90 people taking part in the call who could take part and ask questions.

“Questions were asked about the transition period for children going into p1 and s1 as well the plans which would be put in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of school pupils returning after five months away.

“The panel presented a wider view on the situation and encouraged us to continue our campaign. The conversation was very divergent and did not have a political agenda.

“This is not just about getting children back to school, it’s about supporting teachers so that they feel able to go back while moving forward from this situation and giving our kids a good quality of education.

“We also need to make sure teachers are protected from the virus.

"Normally the sickness rate is four percent but this is expected to go up to 14 percent.

“Some of them may need to shield as they or a member of their family is in the vulnerable category is has an underlying health condition.”

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Ms Chisnall is going to continue the campaign as it is not yet confirmed that schools will fully return in August.

She added: “We are worried that we won’t see children in school full time. We are not asking for this because it will be difficult to achieve.

“We are still looking for 50 percent in school time guarantee mixed with blended and online learning.

" Mr Swinney says the government is aiming to deliver 100 percent in school time which should be possible but is not guaranteed. We could still see a spike in cases. We need to use teachers imaginatively and we as parents will continue to support them.

"Questions have been asked about the feasibility of sending the children back to school full time in August when we haven’t reduced social distancing measures yet, but a lot can happen in seven weeks.

“Our group is also looking to move to tackle the inequalities in our education. We will be sending all the questions asked at our online conference to Mr Swinney and ask him to address the parents still anxious about the return to school.”

Parents in the Glasgow area are actively encouraged to write to their local council, councillors and MSP to show support and solidarity with the campaign.

Education spokeswoman for Glasgow’s Labour party councillor Soryia Siddique, is also asking for education to be made a priority.

She said: “Children’s learning should be decided by safety not finance.

“The Scottish Government must provide Glasgow City Council with adequate funds to deliver vital services for children and families. Funding to mitigate digital divide, lack of connectivity and ensure adequate community services are also utilised for teaching and learning urgently.

“Proposals must be brought to elected member scrutiny before August 2020.”

For more information or to view their five aks visit their Twitter and Facebook pages.