THANK goodness commonsense has prevailed over schools.

Allowing pupils to return to their school for just two days a week was crazy in my opinion.

I’m extremely concerned at the education my son has been missing out on since lockdown closed all the schools.

Reopening full-time is the best option for parents and children.

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DON’T lift the ban on consuming alcohol outdoors – keep it as it is.

Yes, we do have these pubs selling drink and they are openly drinking it in public or up lanes, or at the Clydeside.

If lifted, the crime rate will go up and more people will end up in hospital – and don’t mention the under-agers that would be trying to get you to buy them drink.

D Lambert

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I DREAD to see what the streets and parks will be like now following First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon’s latest announcement of lockdown measures easing.

I feel sorry for the police having to cope with large groups of teenagers gathering all across the city.

It’s disgusting how some of these youths talk to adults these days. I would never have got away with it from my mum and dad when I was growing up in the 1950s.



I ENJOYED reading Ann Fotheringham’s piece on Betty Grable coming to Glasgow in 1969 in Wednesday’s Glasgow Times.

My mum told me how excited she was when she knew Betty was coming to our city.

It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

I McDonald


IT was lovely seeing Andrew Rodger receiving a round of applause when he left hospital (Wednesday). What an inspiring story.

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