REGULAR Times Past reader John Reilly from Maryhill was inspired by our recent feature on the old Glasgow trams to send us this magnificent poem.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Clippies

‘Come oan, get aff.’” they used to cry

Those great old Glasgow clippies

When tramcars ran in Glasgow’s streets

Streets full of pubs and chippies

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‘Fares please,’ you’d hear her cry

‘Huv yir money ready.

I’ve plenty of change so I’ll take pound notes

This cash bag’s helluva heavy.’

Wee drunk men on a Friday night

Would always try tae chat her,

But the clippie would send them on their way,

With ‘shut up, don’t gies yir patter.’

Glasgow Times:

When wee boys tried tae skip their fare

She’d grab them, trying not tae laugh

And march them up tae the end of the tram

And told them ‘Come oan, get aff.’

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Glasgow Cross and Gallowgate

Polmadie and the Gorbals

Glasgow Green and in between

Maryhill and Cardonald

Glasgow Times:

We’ll never see their likes again

They were just a different breed

‘Auchenshoogle, here we come –

Away and bile yir heid.’