Glasgow City Council has been able to permit the use of protective screens in Private Hire cars during the coronavirus outbreak. 

It comes after calls were put forward to the body as drivers had been making makeshift barriers in their vehicles. 

United Private Hire Drivers chairman, Barry Sloan, previously told the Glasgow Times how he was “increasingly concerned” for drivers’ safety as the numbers of coronavirus cases in the city were rapidly increasing. 

The authority had previously written to the Scottish Government in April to seek clarity in the use of screens in Private Hire cars.

Glasgow Times:

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Now, after Glasgow Conservatives received confirmation from the Scottish Government that updated guidance supports the use of safety screens within vehicles, the council have been able to "welcome" the guidance. 

A spokesman said: “We welcome clarity provided by the Scottish Government on the use of temporary screens in private hire vehicles and expect licensed operators to follow this guidance while the covid-19 crisis continues.

“The guidance demands appropriately high standards for any screens and acknowledges our concerns that the use of screens does not create other safety issues within vehicles.

“To comply with the guidance licence holders must therefore secure certification from the vehicle’s manufacturer that the introduction of a screen does not compromise the vehicle’s integrity.

“A licence holder must also receive confirmation from their insurance company that their policy is unaffected by the installation of a screen.

“The guidance also notes that ‘whilst it is possible that partitions may reduce the risk of transmission of infection, the risk would not be eliminated entirely.’

“It is therefore essential that the hygiene and cleaning advice for the screen is carefully followed by drivers at all times.”