GLASGOW CITY councillors are backing proposals to consider wide range of measures that will allow more space for people to walk and cycle in the city centre while keeping two metres apart from others.

It was announced one way pavements could be introduced in Glasgow city centre to allow people to maintain physical distancing during the phased lockdown exit plan.

A one-way system in city centre streets where pavements are narrow is one of the many radical ideas being looked at.

Every main street in the city centre would be affected by the measures with an extra 15miles of space given over to walking and cycling.

Removing all on street parking, to allow wider pavements, is also being considered, as well as selective road closures and making narrow pavements one-way.

It is thought the capacity of off-street car parks will allow the city to cope.

Lord Provost Philip Braat told the Glasgow Times he supported any proposals that will give people 'confidence' to return to the streets.

He said: "I am supportive of any proposals that allow people the confidence to safely venture back out onto the streets, when it is necessary to do so.

"These temporary measures that provide additional space for physical distancing are not only important to encourage people to return to them in a safe manner, but as a corollary they will hopefully lead to the city’s economic and wider recovery.

"However, as the city centre is not only a key retail and leisure destination, we must be mindful that there are also significant residential pockets.

"Many residents will rightly wish to expand pedestrian and cycling opportunities, but there are residents and businesses who rely on their vehicles for work or other personal reasons.

"Therefore, I hope that local residents and businesses will have an opportunity to input into the proposals, which are ultimately aimed at supporting them."

Councillor Eva Bolander added in the long run, such measures "will also show people how great it can be to put people first, creating living streets and environments for all to enjoy, right here in the City Centre. “