Nicola Sturgeon has said staff must be treated with respect when shops re-open next week.

Non-essential retail, like clothes shops, can reopen on Monday if they have an outside entrance and exit.

The First Minister said that just like in supermarkets, shopping will be a different experience for staff and customers.

She is visiting a shop today to see the plans in place to ensure physical distancing and hygiene as they prepare to welcome the public back to the high streets.

High street shops can re-open but indoor shops like in St Enoch and Buchanan Galleries will have to wait until July 13 to open their doors.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Shops that are reopening on Monday, and that will be the vast majority of shops that have been closed up until now, must ensure that appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures are in place.”

The Scottish Government will publish safety guidance today for shops to follow.

Ms Sturgeon said that customers have an equally important role to ensure it remains safe to keep stores open

She said: “I also want to stress there is a responsibility here on all of us as customers as well as on retailers.

“I want us all in the weeks ahead to support the retail sector, to support shops trying to get back to normal, but we must all shop responsibly.

“The experience of shopping is going to be a bit different, and there will be times when retail staff ask us to follow rules that haven’t previously been in place and it is vital that we listen to them and follow the advice they give and to treat them with respect.”

While it is not yet compulsory the First Minister said that people are strongly advised to wear a face-covering while in shops. She said doing so would help to protect staff and other shoppers.

The latest coronavirus statistics showed the number of new cases was in single figures for the second day in a row.

There were five new cases reported taking the overall total since the outbreak began to 18,196.

Ms Sturgeon said the last time it was below ten for two days was on March 11 before the exponential rise in cases.

There were 826 people in hospital with confirmed or suspected coronavirus, a decrease of 54 and a decrease in confirmed cases of 17.

There were 18 people in intensive care a drop of five and there were five deaths registered, taking the total to 2482 with a positive test recorded.

Ms Sturgeon said the R number the rate at which one person with the virus reinfects other people was between 0.6 and 0.8.

And the number estimated to have the virus in Scotland is believed to have fallen from 2900 two weeks ago to around 2000.