ONE of many thanks to the extended lockdown (Blythswood and Grand Central Hotel chiefs ‘intimidating staff’ and ‘bulldozing’ through job cut plans). Thousands of low paid hospitality sector staff throughout the city will be on the dole shortly.

Thomas Ferguson

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Shocking behaviour if this is true.

Peter Baird

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Disgusting. Used to work in Blythswood Hotel and the way they treated staff was a joke.

Steven Kilpatick

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Wish they would build anything in the Whiteinch/Thornwood area (Retail park with Lidl, Burger King and B&M to be built in Barrhead, Glasgow Times online).

The amount of derelict empty space there that’s not being used is a joke.

Ted Kord

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Wow! Lidl (to go with the Lidl already in the town), Burger King and B&M. Real quality top end names. They will be coming in their droves...NOT.

I don’t think Silverburn or The Avenue need lose any sleep somehow.

Thomas Wilson

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WOW! Barrhead is turning into the Beverley Hills of Scotland.

Peter Paul

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Another nail in the coffin for the town centre with these sterile developments.

Jeanette Carver

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Burger King?

Lidl & B&M?

I’m excited it’s at the other end of the city.

Up the road.

Mark Rawdon Quinn

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More minimum paid jobs for West of Scotland. Anyone else noticed that well paid, manufacturing jobs go to East Scotland? Bit of a disparity and something needs to be done about it.

Joseph Hanley

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I think blended learning certainly seems to create many challenges for many people (Campaign for 50 per cent in-school time despite government announcement, Glasgow Times online).

But, if we are really thinking about our children (and teachers) and not parents, I think it is the best way forward.

It is time we completely rethink how we formally educate our children. I hate that so many (usually those who are not qualified educators) treat

nurseries and schools as child care facilities, which they are NOT!

Name and address supplied

A phased approach would be good for the first few weeks, I think.

It’s the same as anyone being off for so long. Then we can return to full time when it’s safe to do so.

Ellie Edward Shelly

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