Nicola Sturgeon has told people not to gather in crowds in parks after thousands turned up in Kelvingrove Park last night.

Two arrests were made and huge amount of litter left, after thousands were estimated to have turned up, many drinking alcohol, as Glasgow saw high temperatures on one of the hottest days this summer.

The First Minister said that large gatherings were giving the virus an “opportunity” to spread.

Ms Sturgeon announced that for the first weekday since lockdown there were no deaths from coronavirus registered.

However, she said the warning signs were still all around us as other countries have seen an increase in cases.

She said: “Suppressing the virus, driving it towards total elimination has to be the absolute priority."

Speaking about the public gatherings, she said: “We saw an example last night in Kelvingrove Park.

“I understand people’s desire to enjoy the sunshine but please avoid crowded places.

“Crowded places are a big risk, please seek to avoid them.

“When large crowds gather it gives the opportunity for virus to spread.

“It will take those opportunities if we give them to it."

And she told people not to leave litter in the parks.

Ms Sturgeon added: “Please take your litter home with you.

“Refuse collectors are doing a great job but should not be having to clear up after outdoor gatherings.”