A Glasgow SNP MSP and Councillors for Glasgow North have told the Glasgow Times what they think of the scenes in Kelvingrove Park on Thursday evening.

Sandra White, SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, said it was "unsustainable" and members of her constituency were "scared to go to the park".

She said: "It can't carry on. People are not acting responsibly. there is anti-social behaviour there, crimes being committed like under age drinking, drinking outdoors which is obviously not allowed in Glasgow.

"The police have stepped up to the mark and have been seen in the park a lot more, but what we saw in the park the other night makes it obvious this isn't working.

"I have heard from residents that they want a number of the gates to the park locked.

"That's what they are calling for. It's a pity as its their local park and they call it their back garden, there are lots of people in tenements around there and are used to using it but that's where they are now.

"People have told me they have had others urinating against their front doors, people being accosted outside their front doors... it's just unacceptable and it can' continue.

"Seriously, I think we need to look at unfortunately covering the gates to the park at certain times. There will need to be a consultation about that and I am trying to get a zoom call with my residents and I would hope someone with Glasgow City Council and the Police would also take part.

"It needs to be sorted. People can't live with this situation that is becoming completely out of hand now."

SNP Councillor Ken Andrew said "I think it's really unfortunate as ever we have a group of individuals that spoil it for everybody.

"We had some beautiful weather yesterday and it should be the type of day that everyone should be able to enjoy safely using the park and congregating for what effectively is a mass party is not what our parks are for.

"They are for families and people from all sections of society to enjoy and this sort of young people drinking and carrying on like this is not helpful.

"Its something they just should not be doing during this covid crisis.

"While unlikely to be affected by the virus, they may just be carrying it to their own families and they really need to think.

"I want to congratulate the police who have had a hellish time over the last few weeks with one thing after another. My thoughts go with them and our officials that then have to clear up after the mess is left.

Green Councillor Martha Wardrop said cuts to council funds made policing the park harder.

She said "There has been anti-social behaviour in the park over a number of years with groups getting drunk and urinating all around the area.

"Obviously there needs to be some understanding about the issues about public health and access to toilets and a safe place for people to meet without getting drunk.

"My focus is on supporting the young people who have had a traumatic time during Covid019. Their relationships are being disrupted, they have not been able to socialise with friends and meet up. People are very distressed by what's happened with the lockdown and are wanting to socialise and catch up with people they haven't seen for many months.

"Young people should be able to meet in the park, it's just that gathering together in large groups and consuming alcohol to get drunk isn't good for anyone."