The wife of a police officer left fighting for his life while responding to a Glasgow stabbing that left five others in hospital has paid a poignant tribute to her husband.

David Whyte, 42, was rushed to hospital after being stabbed by a knifeman in the city centre on Friday afternoon.

The father-of-two spoke about the ordeal for the first time on Saturday, and thanked his colleagues for 'saving lives' on West George Street.

While he was in a critical condition in hospital on Friday, Whyte's wife, Carol, paid tribute to his bravery.

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She posted an image online of a 'thin blue line' with the caption "Because he's mine, I hold this line."

A friend of the family spoke to the Sunday Mail and said: “It was terrifying for Carol. It’s what the wife and family of any police officer fear the most.

“But now David is sitting up in hospital and talking and off the critical list, she is also incredibly proud of what he did that day.”

The family are being supported by the Scottish Police Federation, with chairman David Hamilton hailing Whyte as a 'true hero'.

He said: "It’s a huge relief to everyone that he is now out of critical condition. He is a rock – a very experienced Glasgow cop.

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“PC Whyte has spent most of his career on the frontline in Glasgow doing this job and nobody who knows him is surprised by the bravery and heroism he showed.

“It’s at times like these when the public can get an insight into the job that these officers do, day in, day out.

“As a response cop, you never know what you’re going to be called out to next – it could be a fight in a pub, a road accident or a something like we witnessed yesterday.

“It is the absolute core of policing, we’ve all done it. It is the best part of policing and the worst part as well but it is the heart and soul of what it is to be a police officer.

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“Even for those who don’t know him as a friend, his actions have made all of us proud to be associated with Police Scotland.

“It’s been a difficult time for officers lately, being on the public health frontline during the pandemic and dealing with a series of challenging demonstrations, and I hope that the job they’ve done in protecting society is now rightly recognised.”