An organisation which works to support asylum-seekers is appealing for clothes, toiletries and phone chargers for the residents of the Park Inn hotel. 

Asylum-seekers who were staying at the West George Street hotel have not been able to access their possession whilst it remains a crime scene. 

Six people were stabbed in an attack believed to be carried out at the hotel by asylum seeker Badreddin Abadlla Adam. 

The man died after being shot by armed officers, while the six victims are currently in stable condition in hospital. 

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The Park Inn hotel was providing temporary housing for about 100 asylum seekers. 

However, as police continue to cordon off the area, the residents have been moved to alternative housing. 

The Unity Centre, which provides support for asylum seekers, issued the appeal for basic supplies on Saturday. 

They are asking for people to drop off warm clothes, shoes, jackets, toiletries, as well as phone chargers, SIM cards and old phones, on Monday. 

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A post by the organisation reads: "All people residing in Park Inn have been moved to alternative accommodation and do not have access to any of their possessions whilst the hotel remains a crime scene.

"If you have any spare phone chargers/smart phones lying around, please drop off at Unity Centre, 22 Ibrox Street on MONDAY JUNE 29 between 10am and 4pm.

"Call ahead if you can drop something off another day: 0141 427 7992."