MAYBE now is the time to end SPT (Subway services could be permanently cut due to Covid cash black hole). Their record of failures over the years is a lot greater than their successes.

The subway modernisation debacle and inability to properly organise transport throughout the region best sums them up.

On the subject of funding and potential blackholes in the budget, has anyone asked how much they have sitting in their accounts and in particular their shareholding/investment portfolio?

I would also require to see

these losses and compare with previous years. That is a lot to lose from fares in less than three months. Are their senior management planning another trip abroad?

John Holmes

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AFTER the outrageous scenes on UK beaches and parks when we had increased temperatures and easing of current restrictions, I really sympathise with the people of Spain and other holiday resorts who are going to have these same people returning to cause havoc in their countries.

There seems to be an attitude that Brits are expected to be as obnoxious as possible when visiting other lands.



I watched, on BBC2, all five parts of the rise and downfall of Mrs Thatcher (right).

Her downfall came about as a result of her continuing dictatorial attitude towards her own government and refusing to take advice opposing her intention to introduce a Community Charge, better known as the Poll Tax. In the concluding part, we saw a self-pitying and tearful Mrs Thatcher leaving Downing Street for the last time.

During her time in government, she never once shed any tears for the many number of people whose lives and communities had been destroyed during her time in government by her monetary policies.


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PC Whyte and family, thank you for your service, and your bravery and sacrifice (‘Incredibly proud’ wife of police officer injured in Glasgow stabbings pays poignant tribute).

I wish you a speedy recovery and hope your trauma does not change your opinion on policework, we need you guys and girls more than we deserve... You have my total respect, sir.

John Ward

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REGARDING Stewart Paterson’s article on June 26, if there was no Kingston Bridge there would be no Glasgow.