SUBWAY staff say the company’s policy on passenger masks is “impossible to enforce” – and have suggested those flouting it should face an immediate travel ban.

Face coverings are now compulsory on public transport, other than for children under five and people with certain medical conditions. 

An email sent to Subway workers advises staff that passengers should be permitted to travel once if they are not wearing a mask but “they will have to use a face covering when they next travel.”

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Staff say it is impossible to enforce as workers move around underground stations.

SPT, which runs the underground, said enforcement is a matter for British Transport Police, which has the power to issue fines, but that 90% of passengers had been adhering to the rule. 

Aslef, which represents London Underground workers, has said enforcement relies on a “strong and visible presence” by police and has raised concerns about the potential for conflict with passengers who refuse to wear masks.

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One Glasgow Subway worker said: “I don’t feel SPT is being clear and strict in this matter which increases the potential for individuals contracting Covid. 

“The stance being if a passenger does not have a mask, allow them to travel and tell them they will not be allowed travel in future if they have no mask.

“This is near possible to enforce as staff constantly work at different stations so how can they possibly know every passenger who flouts the law on a number of  occasions?”

A spokeswoman for SPT said: “The enforcement of mandatory face coverings is one for the police.

“So far, the overwhelming majority of passengers travelling on the subway are wearing a face covering when travelling, with more than 90% adhering to the rule.”