A 'superstar' Morrison's security guard has been at the centre of praise after a thoughtful gesture went viral on Sunday. 

In a picture taken outside Morrisons in Giffnock, the caring employee was seen covering a golden retriever with an umbrella as the rain poured down in the East Renfrewshire town. 

His actions to keep the pup dry were praised by tens of thousands of peoples. 

Mel Gracie shared the heartwarming image on Twitter and said: "Shout out to this @Morrisons security man keeping this good boy dry. He said ‘well you never know how dogs feel about the rain’"

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The post is rapidly approaching 100,000 likes with one person commending the act to protect the 'good boy': "Some heroes wear hi-viz jackets".

Another person said: "That is *lovely*. Hope Morrisons give him a treat for being the good boy's good deed doer."

One man added: "I see TWO very good boys."

The security guard himself has since discovered the viral post and said: "Looks like I made a lot of people happy today."

Shocked by how many people reacted to the image, he added: "I didn't think I'd go viral on twitter like this. I knew I was making people smile but this is something else entirely."

Even the official Twitter account for Morrisons responded: "Adorable!"

Another reply read: "That is amazing. The fella was like ‘I don’t mind the rain.. but the dog might not fancy it’"