The First Minister has praised the emergency services for their response to the Glasgow stabbings on Friday. 

During the Scottish Government's daily Covid-19 briefing, Nicola Sturgeon commended the police force for their "outstanding courage, dedication and professionalism" during the attack on West George Street. 

She said the knife attack at the Park Inn hotel, which left six injured and the male suspect shot dead, reminded us of "the other side of the police's duties". 

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"During the briefing on Friday, I commented on what an exceptional job our police service was doing in enforcing, proportionately and sensitively the lockdown restrictions," she said. 

"But Friday afternoon reminded us of another side of the police's duties."

"It reminded us that in order to protect all of us, the public, our police officers so often run towards danger despite the risk to themselves. 

She revealed that Aileen Campbell, the community secretary, will be discussing the safety and well-being of asylum seekers with the UK afternoon later today. 

The First Minister added: "Now we are considering what further lessons need to be learned from what happened on Friday.

"But for the moment I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the police officers involved with dealing with Friday's attack.

"They showed outstanding courage, dedication and professionalism and through that undoubtedly avoided a very serious incident indeed, from becoming any worse."

Sturgeon also applauded the medical services and the Scottish Ambulance Service for providing "such effective care so quickly to those affected by the attack". 

"My thoughts are very much with constable David Whyte and with anyone injured in Friday's incident."

"I hope all six people injured make a full and speedy recovery. My best wishes fo to them and their loved ones."

Police confirmed on Saturday that all the victims were in stable condition although at the time one victim was still critical.