An asylum seeker has told of having just two hours notice to pack up and move out of her flat and into the Park Inn hotel.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was told by text she was to be moved.

The Glasgow Times has seen the text sent at 9.44 am on April 13.

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It read: “We are moving you to a hotel. You need to pack your belongings. I will be here after 11” signed by a staff member from Mears.

The woman said: “I had to rush about and pack up. He came at 12 in a taxi and took me to the hotel.”

The woman who came to Glasgow in February claiming asylum said she was in the Park Inn when Abadlla Adam stabbed six people last Friday.

She said she did not know Adam and didn’t think she ever saw him.

She said: “I was inside the hotel when it took place.

“It was horrible to see thing like that, young people, to see that on your doorstep.

“I don’t know how to explain this. I came out of my room and ran out in just a dress and without shoes.

“I only know some boy form Sierra Leone who was 17, he was trying to stop the guy.”

She said that most people had a problem with the food.

She added:”I came to Glasgow in February and moved to the hotel in April. There has been no progress with my asylum application.

“Most of us are grateful to have free meals but the food was a problem. If you didn’t eat it here was nothing else.”

She said the first time there was any assessment carried out into her situation was after the incident when she was moved to the Hallmark Hotel.