An asylum seeker has told of “terrible” conditions at the hotel where Abadlla Adam stabbed six people including a police officer.

He said that complaints were not dealt with and the only water was from toilet sinks.

Andrew, who did not want to give his full name, said people are still under stress and suffering trauma for what happened.

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He said: “A lot of people have had a series of complaints. Some had complained about welfare and food and about the conditions they were being kept.

“People were moved from the flat into hotels and it affected the mental health of the majority of people staying there. It was terrible for us living in those conditions.

“We had no opportunity to have money to take care of ourselves. We were drinking water from the toilet tap.

“The hotel room was sealed so you can’t have fresh air inside. It is difficult for asylum seekers in these hotels for long durations of time.

“I stayed there for two months, some others for longer.

“Most times they told us if we complained they were working on it.”

Andrew has been moved to the Hallmark Hotel with others who were in the Park Inn but said the situation is still tense and dangerous for people.

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He said: “As it stands there is a risk and danger to other people staying here.

“I must be frank and truthful. Other asylum seekers would love to speak out but they are scared of breaching conditions. I don’t have that fear only a fear of god.

“I have to say what has been going on. I have been moved from Park Inn to the Hallmark Hotel. What happened was traumatic for everyone who lived there.

“People who knew the guy said he was quiet and polite, a decent guy and were surprised he acted the way he did. There must be something that pushed him to act in that ugly manner in that disastrous act.

“The situation is too tense. A lot might still be under the same mental stress.

“I hope the people recover soon and fast.”