One of Glasgow’s best known sandwich chains is preparing to relaunch after lockdown.

The owners of Piece, which has outlets in the city centre and west end, said it will be like launching a new business.

A finalist in the Glasgow’s favourite business award, the firm has built up in 12 years to the biggest independent sandwich chain in the city.

John Moore, one of three directors, said when they open the doors it will be like for the first time again.

However he said there needs to be a new way of working to deal with social distancing in a business that is about fast turnaround.

Mr Moore said: “Everything does get back to normal but it will be to a different kind of normal.”

He said they have resisted re-opening too early for the sake of it adding“We could’ve opened up but didn’t think it was appropriate or safe.

Instead, he said: “We won’t get back to the same as we were, so our plan is let’s get this right.

Rather than return with the same walk up, queue and wait to be served Mr Moore said it would introduce new technology.

Mr Moore said: “We will have queue management. Before we were queued out the door and we served thousands in 90 minutes over lunchtimes.

“We will be faster by using an app, lunch in the palm of your hand.”

He said: “We will be on delivery platforms. Our product is an ambient product. It will be made immediately using click and collect.

“You will be able to queue up and order, order through the app or have delivery.”

Mr Moore said he hopes all 50 staff will return from furlough.

In order to keep them the firm has had to borrow to stay in business.

He said: “We decided to take on as much debt as we were able to . Landlords and suppliers have been excellent as they are in a similar position.

“We have built up relationships over 10 years that is paying off now. ”

Mr Moore said I have started to feel the excitement like before we open a new shop. It’s like staring anew.

“We are Piece, established 2008 re-established 2020.”