PLAY parks across Glasgow which were closed due to Covid-19 have now been reopened but parents are urged to ensure safety guidance is followed.

Physical distancing and regular hand washing must be carried out by any child, and their carers, when visiting one of over 400 reopened play areas in the city, Glasgow City Council has said.

Council staff have completed safety inspections on play equipment in the parks.

A council spokesman said: "Safety checks that will allow our 400-plus play parks to reopen have been completed.

“In line with Scottish Government guidance and just in time for the summer holidays, the city’s play parks will be ready for use from Monday, June 29.

“To help with the continued effort to suppress Covid-19, parents are asked to ensure that appropriate physical distancing take places and that hands are washed or sanitised regularly."

Earlier this month, the council warned families about the risks of using closed play parks, which had not been inspected, after reports of people climbing over locked gates to allow their children to play.

Changes to Scottish Government guidance from the start of this week allow play parks, and outdoor sports courts, to reopen.

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is also asking families to follow social distancing guidelines when using playgrounds.

Board member Jon Dalton welcomed the re-opening of play parks and asked operators to ensure in-depth inspections have been completed.

"The RPII is expecting playgrounds to be very heavily used during the Scottish summer holidays and the eagerness of the public to start using them again, so it is vital that playgrounds are thoroughly inspected to ensure a satisfactory level of safety is in place."

"Owners and operators of playground facilities also have a responsibility to open playgrounds safely and remove any temporary barriers that may have been put up during lockdown which may also be hazardous."

The RPII asks families not to use facilities which have not been officially opened and to consider coming back at another time if a play park is busy.

It also recommends taking hand sanitiser and a bottle of water to clean your children's hands.