DO what they do in places like Canada (Plans to double city centre population welcome – but residents say no more student flats).

Build decent high-rise accommodation that is bigger, but have amenities on the ground and first few floors – e.g. GP, gym, nursery, shops etc, and have a rooftop green space for residents.

It would be easy to create a small community by building up, but they would have to be well managed (and the tenants too!) and maintained so they don’t become rundown tower blocks that have to be demolished in 30 or

50 years’ time.

Dave Smith

Glasgow Times:

EUROPEAN cities build three to six-bedroom flats with floor space the same as houses. The UK seems to only supply two-bedroom, though the second is almost always tiny. Build large flats and families will move there.

Andrew Burns

ALWAYS the same after tragic events, politicians falling over themselves and lending their voices to blame others (MPs in call to move asylum seekers out of hotels and back into homes).

This young man tried to

murder at least six people,

but that is almost forgotten in their rush to apportion blame on others and use mental health issues as a bargaining chip to get more funding for asylum organisations.

All involved have jumped on the bandwagon in the clamour to have “proper homes” provided for people applying for asylum and this will only invoke anger from the thousands on waiting lists trying to get “proper homes” for their families.

Mental health is

grossly underfunded in the UK, not just among asylum seekers – don’t think that thousands of people on low incomes, in poor housing conditions in the UK haven’t suffered during lockdown. They survive on less on a week-to-week basis after having paid rent and bills.

So no, no backdated payment should be made and no priority housing allocated

Michael Kelly

WHAT is it with these people who queue outside stores like Primark from the early hours? Personally, I think it’s mostly attention-seeking, because surely nobody is that desperate for a new T-shirt?



Glasgow Times:

ON my train yesterday there were folk, bold as brass, getting on the train without masks (Subway workers call for travel ban for passengers flouting mask rules). Fines and travel bans would be ideal.

Colin MacEwan