OUR readers have had their say about their highs and lows of lockdown.

One reader revealed the tragic death of her grandmother, who she was unable to see because of lockdown rules. She said:”The best bit has been working from home. The worst was my nana dying - not Covid related - and not getting to see her in hospital before she died.”

Others are missing their communities, through clubs, bingo halls, libraries and all the other things that bring people together which have been shut to curb the spread of the virus.

One wrote: “I miss my work, the children and all the banter from my work friends too. This had been, and still is, so hard.”

Another said: “I was made aware that my metal health team would no longer be available just one week before lockdown. I have been worried sick that folk who don’t have family support would be left in the wind.

“I am one of the lucky ones who have family support or I dread to think of the outcome.

“I only got a call the other day to find out how I was doing. Let down doesn’t touch how I feel for folk who have nobody.”

It’s not all been doom and gloom though, some people have been enjoying the smaller things in life, with the sunshine and enjoying the benefits of working from home among the things people have enjoyed since lockdown was announced 100 days ago today.

One of our readers said: “Only bad bit has been queuing for the supermarket and idiots not obeying rules. Otherwise, I’m quite enjoying it. I do miss my Costa coffee and a wander around the shops though.”

One man summed up many people’s feelings on the closure of pubs across the country: “I’ve missed pubs for a nice cold pint or two.”

Another put it simply: “Worst part of lockdown? Missing the bingo and the bookies.”

One man counted his blessings that the worst part of his lockdown was not being able to get a haircut.

Another celebrated the birth of her nephew in lockdown but was missing family and friends. She said: “I’m missing my family and friends. But the best part was my nephew being born safely.”

Another Glasgow Times reader said the worst part of his lockdown was “reading this blooming paper”. He boasts a “top fan” badge on our Facebook page.