A PUBLIC toilet which appears to have been used as a drug den and a dump during lockdown has been branded a “health disaster”.

A picture taken from inside a public toilet on St Vincent Place shows the disgusting interior.

It appears to have been used as a shelter for people injecting drugs and is littered with waste, including cider cans, nappies and deodorant cans.

Glasgow Times:

Vonnie Sandlan, who posted the picture to her Twitter account, said: “My friend took his wee one to the toilet today in Glasgow. This was what he found.

“The lock has been broken so they can’t be secured, but these public toilets tell a story in themselves. A public health disaster, and clear, robust evidence of the need for safe consumption rooms.

Glasgow Times:

“Separately from the need for safe consumption facilities, we absolutely must address public access to toilet facilities as a matter of policy urgently, otherwise we are going to prevent many people from accessing public spaces, starting with disabled people and carers or parents.”

A council spokesman said that the toilets were operated by a private company and reiterated the council’s longstanding support for safer drug-consumption facilities.

He added: "Part of the provision of public toilets is access to the toilets in public buildings but unfortunately these remain closed at the moment due to the Covid-19 emergency.

"The council has long supported the introduction of a safer drug consumption room as a way to improve the health of those with addiction issues and also to tackle the kind of drug-related litter found in these toilets."