Glasgow City Council has announced plans to restore parking charges for paid on-street parking bays.

Parking charges were suspended in March at the height of the coronavirus outbreak. 

It had been hoped that the on-street parking bays would support key workers who needed their cars to travel to their work, while public transport was discouraged. 

Charges remain suspended for the time being, but the council is expected to announce full plans of how they will be restored. 

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However, the council warned that enforcement of charges for parking on yellow lines and the misuse of disabled bays remained in place throughout lockdown.

Charges for obstructive and dangerous parking are being enforced. 

Earlier this month we told fed-up residents calling for more parking enforcement in a city centre street after parked cars obstructed bin collections.

Hill Street residents were said to be "sick and tired" of vehicles parked on yellow lines obstructing bin collection.