A COMEDIAN has praised Glasgow Housing Association for putting a roof over his head after he found himself homeless. 

Funnyman Gary Faulds took to social media last night to give his fans an update on his situation, as only he can.

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The touching - and hilarious - post sees the Sighthill-raised comic being put up in the Rennie Mackintosh hotel and then given a flat by GHA, which he initially thinks is a luxury penthouse by the River Clyde. 

The former serviceman took to Facebook to praise GHA's response to his plight and added that he will be on a weight-loss challenge to get into the top bunk of the bunk bed in his new Baillieston flat. 

The comic said: "So due to Covid putting a stop to the shows and my bad finances, I had to give up my flat and go homeless. I got sent to the Rennie Mackintosh hotel for four days and it was an absolute experience. I’ve never been surrounded by better people. It was like being on holiday with every character form every scheme.

Then I gets a phone call to say I’ve got a temporary flat in South Street, so I grab my bag and make my way to South Street, I gets there and the only houses I can see is Glasgow Harbour. In my head, I’m like, 'Aw ya f****** dancer I’m getting a penthouse on the Clyde aff the council.'

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"Then the girl from the council phoned me to ask where I am and I’m like: 'South Street?' And she said: 'You're at the wrong place it’s South Scott Street in Baillieston'.

"To be fair, it’s a lovely street and a decent area, just typical of me to think I’ve landed a penthouse.

"I’ve got the council couches made by and for hobbits, but a warm roof over my head and a place the kids can stay so super grateful.

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"Covid has been hard on many people. But it’s made a lot of people reflect and I am one of them. I took things for granted and learned so much. Looking forward to the future."

 He's not in need of any help, either adding: "Thank you to everyone offering me support. I have everything I need and a full flat of stuff in storage, ready for the next move. My wee mum is at the door 24/7 trying to fill me with mince and potatoes. Got a good team behind me and glad I have all of you to be open too."