Scottish Water has issued a plea to the public after workers discovered a temporary dam on the River Kelvin was clogged up with cotton buds and baby wipes.

The waste has been flushed down the toilet when it should be placed in the bin.

The dam was installed at the Old Flint Mill on the Kelvin Walkway to protect a new waste water filter system being built to clean up the river.

Work is resuming this week after a three-month pause due to the coronavirus.

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Ruaridh MacGregor, corporate affairs manager in Scottish Water’s west region, said: “The amount of rubbish which has gathered at the temporary dam during the break on this project clearly demonstrates the need for the improvement work to take place.

“However, it would also be good if people didn’t flush these items in the first place.

“Products such as wet wipes, cotton wool and cotton buds don’t disintegrate in our network and can cause flooding and environmental issues.

“We ask everyone to only flush the 3Ps – that’s Pee, Poo and (toilet) Paper. Everything else should go in the bin.”

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New infrastructure is being installed at eleven locations along the River Kelvin to help prevent items which are wrongly flushed down the toilet.

Household toilet waste is normally carried along the sewerage system into treatment plants, but the process can be overwhelmed during periods of heavy rain and flooding.

The upgrade will see the installation of mechanical screens on the overflow pipes to prevent objects greater than 6mm overflowing into the river.