IT was incredible to read that it had been 100 days of lockdown as of yesterday.

It is with great pride that we can say that Glasgow Taxis has been operational 24/7 throughout that period. There can’t be too many city businesses who can say that.

It’s not a boast, so many others have done so much good work – but it is a reminder that taxi drivers have been key workers offering essential support on each and every day of this global crisis.

One-hundred days ... that’s 2400 hours or 144,000 minutes, every second of which a Glasgow taxi has been available to safely transport people.

Glasgow Times:

There’s never not been one of our cabs on the road during that time – and there’s never been a Glasgow taxi which wasn’t already fully partitioned.

We’ve helped keep key workers and businesses moving. We’ve moved PPE supplies – with Med Supply Drive Scotland – to where they were most needed. We even helped provide 700 free journeys to NHS staff at the height of the pandemic thanks to a crowdfunding initiative.

And we launched a Separated, Sanitised, Safe campaign to reassure the public.

Credit must go to each and every one of my fellow taxi drivers who have had worries of their own but have continuously provided a vital public transport service since March.

Special thanks must go to the office, call centre and administration staff of Glasgow Taxis who have kept the whole operation moving, without them the whole thing grounds to a halt.

And so here we are, on July 1, the 101st day of lockdown, as we slowly return to normal, or the new normal as so many people call it. Not much of this seems very normal, eh?

Among the landmarks – 100 days of lockdown, first day of the second half of the year – is another; this is the 20th edition of your secret diary of a Glasgow Taxi driver.

Now I’m not going to lie to you, we’d hoped to have cracked many more jokes and told funny stories aplenty by now. The world changed almost overnight and so our weekly offerings had to reflect that.

However, as Glasgow “unlocks” we hope we can do so with a smile on our face again (even if that smile is hidden behind masks!).

The year 2020 has been a hell of a ride so far – but if the past 100 days were the toughest part of the journey, here’s to happier times for all in the next 100 days ahead. Stay safe!