Nicola Sturgeon has accused the Scottish Secretary of making “absurd and ridiculous“ statements over the First Minister not ruling out quarantine from travellers from England.

Alister Jack had said it was “reckless talk” to consider quarantine from England into Scotland.

He said "It's disappointing it's divisive.”

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister also said there was “no such thing as a border between Scotland and England”.

Ms Sturgeon hit back when asked about it during the daily coronavirus briefing.

She said her only consideration was public health and told others who are trying to turn into a political debate or about independence arguments to “take a long hard look at themselves”.

The First Minister said: “The decisions I take to tackle this virus must be 100% decisions on public health considerations.

On considering quarantine form other parts of the UK, she said: “That is not political, not constitutional, that’s public health.”

“I would be irresponsible if I was being political that’s when I would be failing.”

She said opposition leaders could be “excused maybe” for statements because they are not dealing with efforts to tackle the virus.

However she said “But the Secretary of State is dealing with it so politicising this is shameful.”

She said the Governor of New York is prepared to quarantine people form other states where the virus is rising.

She said he is not politicising it but trying to prevent the spread.

Ms Sturgeon said: “This is not a political challenge we are dealing with.”

“It ‘isnae’ me trying to turn it into a constitutional row”, adding “it is frankly disgraceful”.

Ms Sturgeon said there was no plan for quarantine measures at present.

She said: “I have no proposal to have quarantine on the table so there’s nothing to discuss.

We’ll discuss things when we’ve got something to discuss.”

 On Mr Johnson stating the re was no border between Scotland and England Ms Sturgeon said: “There’s a geographical boundary to my powers as First Minister.”

But she made her frustration clear at questions and statements around borders.

She said: “We shouldn’t be having these discussions we should be focusing with a laser like focus on stopping the virus.”

And she added she should not have to be “dragged into having to respond to absurd statements.”