Castore co-founder Tom Beahon has revealed that the brand have experienced a spike in sales since they announced their partnership with Rangers back in May.

The Liverpool-based company are a digital-only online shop, boasting sportswear of top quality with a higher market retail value. Scrolling through the site it is quite obvious through price tags that the brand is not like some others. A T-Shirt can cost as much as £70, a hoodie more than £100.

That has not stopped Ibrox supporters from splashing their cash on Castore apparel for the past two months. They have been quick to show their support and loyalty to the sportswear company who recently signed a multi-year £25million deal with their club. If anything, the new Light Blues home jersey - launched earlier today - is available at a more reasonable price than some other regular Castore merchandise, at £60.

"We'd been growing quit quickly before our partnership with Rangers," Beahon told H&T Sport. "But since we announced it, the growth has accelerated. It's always hard to directly attribute growth to specific drivers but the partnership undoubtedly has played a big role in that. We've also seen Andy Murray back on court with the Battle of the Brits tournament which contributed.

"It's definitely true to say Castore has been affected, already, in a very positive way from this partnership. The Rangers fan base are very keen to support and purchase anything that's associated with their club and the most interesting thing to see is the truly global nature of the fan base. Australia, Canada, North America. For those guys to now be aware of Castore is fantastic."

Supporters can pre-order the new Rangers home kit for season 2020/21 from now, however only 50,000 have been made available for the opening day launch.

We told recently how Beahon made it clear the kit quality would not suffer due to its affordability. "It would be fair to say pricing is the key consideration," he said. "When we made the decision to enter football, we didn't want to increase the prices of those core items like the replica jerseys that fans love buying to support their club.

"Although Castore is a premium brand and we create higher quality products than the bigger guys, we have a very different business model from them. We don't have thousands of physical stores that we pay rent on and we don't have a huge wholesale business where we sell through third party retailers. 

"This means we have a far lower fixed cost base than those guys and that means we can afford to invest more into the quality of the product without increasing the end price to the fans. That was very important to us."