An explosion of cycling has taken place since lockdown for exercise and transport as many people avoid buses and trains.

More space on city streets has been given over to cycling with temporary bike lanes in more city centre streets.

In a bid to ensure more people continue cycling and to encourage others to start a fund to help organisations buy electric bikes will give out almost one million pounds.

The Scottish Government eBike Grant Fund will be open to councils and others including community groups and universities and colleges to buy eBikes to replace car journeys.

Electric cargo bikes will also be part of the scheme for businesses for transporting goods around.

The scheme is being extended after a previous £1.9m delivered 875 e-bikes and 41 e-cargo bikes.

The Transport Secretary, Michael Matheson said he hopes it will encourage those who have been cycling during lockdown to continue and contribute to a more sustainable transport system.

He said: “Through previous rounds of funding we have witnessed what is possible when people are provided with the financial means to replace single occupancy car journeys with a more sustainable alternative through e-bikes.

“With this new round of funding we hope to provide those same benefits to more organisations and better learn how e-cargo bikes can meet their needs whilst improving Scotland’s air quality, health and sense of well-being.

“Through this scheme we are also continuing to provide our key and essential workers with the means to use e-bikes as they continue to support our country through the COVID-19 crisis. The increase in the numbers of people walking and cycling across Scotland during lockdown is extremely encouraging and we will continue to provide support to develop an Active Nation.”

In Glasgow a riverside cycle lane has been creased from the Squinty Bridge at Finnieston to Glasgow Green.

Streets in the city centre are also seeing more bike lanes as on street parking is removed from several to create more space for walking and cycling.

Kelvin Way in the west end has also been closed to vehicles to give walkers and cyclists more space.