SCOTLAND has most certainly handled the pandemic much better than the UK Government.

The indecent haste of Tory ministers to end the lockdown and reduce social distancing is coming back to bite them big time with the local lockdown announced for Leicester where the virus is running wild.

The Scottish Government has been pilloried by the media, saying it was dragging its heels and should get on with ending the lockdown.

The statistics now show that Scotland’s more cautious approach has been correct.

Strange how the media and some opposition blusterers are so reluctant to give any credit for this approach.



WITH regard to the talk of preventing people from England coming over the Border into Scotland (Scotland’s deaths

return to pre-Covid-19 levels,

July 1) ... should people from

the high Covid areas in Scotland also be prevented from travelling into the Borders, Highlands, Orkneys, Hebrides and


My cousin lives in Langholm and travels daily to work in Carlisle – which would be prevented with the Border closing.

It’s great to see the death rates falling to new low levels – but car travel has been non-existent and so reduced road fatalities. Pubs and clubs have shut, so no fighting outside and fewer drug-related deaths.

All these reduction of

activities are bound to reduce the figures for number of deaths anyway, are they not?

Westender 1

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THIS is just trying to legalise price-fixing (MSPs ditch bill that could see a cap on private rents due to ‘workload’, July 1). It’s a disgrace and should be binned full stop. The government has no place to tell private business what prices they should sell products or services for. It’s backdoor communism. Plain and simple!

I do understand that rents can be high in certain areas or even unaffordable to some, however trying to fix the prices isn’t the answer. If there is a market for them at that price then people shall rent them. If there isn’t then people won’t. It’s the same with all products and services. If you can’t afford something then you can’t have it.

John Galt

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Question: what colour is racism?

Good question, isn’t it?

Andrew Forsyth