BAAD, the popular East End venue at the Barras, is introducing The Gypsy Taproom, a new bar concept bringing together 20 different taps with local select craft beers on rotation, featuring brewers from the west of Scotland and further afield.

There will still be cocktails to enjoy under the glass canopy but brewers will be the star of the show. Work is under way on the changeover. There will be an outside area with space for 200 people. The taproom will open with social distancing measures in place on July 17.

A’Challtainn will move out of BAaD to make way for a new specialist tequila and mescal bar above the taproom. The fish restaurant will return at a new location later in the year.

Alongside the drinks, the taproom will feature a new barbecue menu. They are currently installing a smoker in the kitchen to prepare their own meats, fish and vegetables. There will be a menu featuring slow-cooked, rotisserie, barbecue and grilled dishes. Music will remain important with regular DJ sets and you’ll be able to watch sport on the big screen.

The venue told me: “The Glasgow brewing scene is far more developed than it has ever been with Drygate and WEST brewery top and tailing us, the East End of Glasgow is a thriving space for beer lovers and with plans for monthly takeovers, beer festivals and a new tasting room and bottle shop, the gypsy taproom is a welcome addition to the craft brewing scene in Glasgow which shows no signs of slowing down.”

Meanwhile, Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn have been in touch to say their teams are working on improving their beer garden – they’ve added a covered Airstream bar to the expanded outdoor space, so cocktails will be back on the menu next week. Grab a peacock chair and enjoy a tropical cocktail on Bath Street. In other beer garden news, The Record Factory will reopen at noon on July 6 as we continue to ease out of lockdown, Bier Halle will be back with beer and pizza outside on Gordon Street on the same day, outdoor areas will appear at Saint Luke’s and The Amsterdam.

Elsewhere, SWG3’s yard-based food and drink space opens on Monday and Glasgow Beer Works, formerly known as Merchant City Brewing, is pushing ahead with plans to open a beer garden food and drink space beneath the Billy Connolly mural by John Byrne on Osborne Street. The new space will be able to fit up to 80 guests with social distancing in place and a street food menu.