A LITTLE boy recreated the statue of the Duke of Wellington for a lockdown school project - by sitting on his pet PIG with a traffic cone on his head.

Charlie Jones, aged nine, asked Santa for a pet pig for Christmas and was delighted to be given Chloe, a 300kg sow who was pregnant with piglets.

He kept one piglet as a pet, but during the lockdown was tasked with recreating a famous statue as part of a school project for his school, Ardvreck, in Perth and Kinross.

Glasgow Times:

Charlie knew instantly that he would want it to be the Duke of Wellington statue in Glasgow, which he had seen in real life two years ago.

And he found a traffic cone which had been left in a ditch near the family’s farm in Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, to wear on his head.

Charlie said: “I put a pig on my Christmas list and the next day in the morning there was a note in my mum’s stocking saying ‘look outside with Charlie’, we went outside and Chloe was there.

“She loves having lots of scratches.

“I’d probably want to be a farmer and then a clown.”

Glasgow Times:

Proud mum Hannah Jones, 44, said: “Charlie has always really liked pigs, and he wanted a pet sow for Christmas.

“Chloe lives in our farmyard and Charlie sees her twice a day.

“She’s very clever and a bit of an escape artist.

“During the lockdown Charlie has fed her every morning before schoolwork.

“The project was to recreate a famous statue, and having quite a sense of humour Charlie had always remembered that statue.

“We handily had a traffic cone from when roadworks had been done at the bottom of ther road.

“Chloe is really friendly, and I put him on the back of her and stood next to him to take the photo.”

She praised Charlie’s school, Ardvreck, for coming up with imaginative ideas for children during the lockdown.

Mum-of-four Hannah, who works in nursery education, said: “Charlie saw the statue two years ago, he thought it was so funny and he wants to be a farmer or a clown when he grows up.

“He grew up idolising Tweedy the clown who performs at a circus in Gloucestershire.

“Chloe was eating so she wasn’t really concerned about anything else.”