A probe has been launched after a spate of house break-ins in Cambuslang. 

Police Scotland have confirmed they are investigating a theft from a house in the Brownside Road area, which is believed to have taken place between 9am on Monday, 29 June and 11am the following day.

The stolen items were later recovered on Hamilton Road.

Police have confirmed they are also investigating a break-in to a property on Douglas Drive where a bike was stolen.

Officers say they are following a positive line of enquiry in both of these matters.

Meanwhile, residents in the area have been warning one another to remain vigilant as one person has claimed 50 houses have been tried so far.

He said: "Just a bit of information about Whitlawburn and Holmhills, there is someone trying to break into houses in this area, he has tried up to 50 houses so far.

"Someone managed to catch him on camera and has reported to the police, just be wary."

Another person said: "Cambuslang, be aware.

"I've had a black rucksack with 2 Dewalt drills and an impact Dewalt stolen."