Glasgow's Lord Provost Philip Braat has blasted members of the public who are urinating against the Old Sheriff Court building.

After local bars opened up to sell takeaway alcohol, one resident told The Glasgow Times revellers have been 'forming queues' to urinate down the steps of Brunswick Street.

They said: "With the pubs on both Hutcheson St and Brunswick Street now selling alcohol to go, we have an issue with the moat area of the Old Sheriff Court being used as a public toilet.

"At one point during the weekend, a queue formed at the top of the stairs where Ingram Street meets Brunswick Street.”

Although police have been frequently patrolling the area, litter has also filled the moat.

Lord Provost Philip Braat told The Glasgow Times this was "not acceptable".

He said: “As we gradually move out of lockdown, it is important we support our local businesses and regenerate the local economy.

"However, the Merchant City and the wider city centre area have a growing residential population, and licensed premises are a part of those communities.

"This antisocial behaviour is not acceptable and, therefore, bars and restaurants have a responsibility not only to their staff and patrons, but also to their community.

"Of course, the guidance and regulations on reopening is prescribed by the Scottish Government and it is for each individual business to determine whether it meets those criteria.

"I truly hope those licensed premises, and all businesses, are able to reopen soon, but I would strongly urge bars and restaurants throughout the city to ensure they have sufficient and safe toilet facilities available for their patrons as part of their reopening plans.

"But public lanes and private properties are not an extension of licensed premises’ toilet facilities. This behaviour cannot be tolerated.”

Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.