The people behind a new craft beer pub on Glasgow's historic Barras site are facing criticism over their choice of name for the venue.

The Gypsy Taproom is to take over the space vacated by seafood restaurant A’Challtainn.

According to BAAD ( Barras Art And Design) the new concept will 'champion all great things beer driven', with over 20 different taps from local select crafts.

However the choice of name for the bar has not gone down as well as the drinks they are planning to serve up.

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An Instagram post inviting people to sign up for updates about the bar has been flooded with complaints from the public with some accusing the owners of perpetuating an ethnic slur.

One post reads:  "This is really disappointing to see. Glasgow's Roma community is routinely villified and consistenly failed by safeguarding measures and to seen an ethnic slur being thrown around so flippantly and included within an institution that claims to serve its community and celebrate what Glasgow has to offer is really upsetting."

Another posted: "Did you know that by keeping this you're contributing to centuries of racist hatred?"

In response, a spokeswoman for the venue said the name was chosen to "celebrate the dynamic home brewing and gypsy brewing scene that exists in Glasgow and Globally."

She added: "Gypsy brewing is a term that is used extensively in the global brewing community.

"It’s a celebration of a nomadic lifestyle of gypsy brewers who guest at or produce beers at other breweries all over the world

"We hope that the gypsy taproom tasting room will give a platform to the talented and passionate gypsy brewers from Glasgow to showcase their delicious beer."

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Councillor Kim Long has called on the owners to change the name.

She said: "This name is not respectful of the complex reality of Gypsy/Traveller and Roma people in Glasgow, many of whom regard ‘Gypsy’ as a racial slur.

"I hope the owners can apologise, rebrand and listen, by sitting down to learn from organisers like Romano Lav.”

The London Gypsy and Traveller Unit says in the correct context the term is not racist. "Romany Gypsies are an ethnic group so it depends on the way you are using it"