Charging for on-street parking bays will begin again in Glasgow next week.

The service was suspended in March in response to the coronavirus lockdown as way to support key workers during the public health emergency.

With lockdown restrictions easing and traffic levels increasing again, parking controls will be reintroduced from Thursday, 9 July.

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Glasgow City Council have said enforcement action against dangerous and obstructive parking is already underway.

Those unlawfully occupying disabled and loading bays have also been targeted with enforcement action.

Councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, said: "Suspending parking charges was the right thing to do at the time as it helped to support people when we were in the teeth of the crisis. But with restrictions beginning to ease, it is appropriate for us to revisit the decision to suspend charges.

"Resuming enforcement of parking controls will help to ensure equitable access to parking spaces across the city. Preventing parking bays from being blocked out by a limited number of cars guarantees a turnover in spaces for other drivers and helps increase footfall in local areas, which is good for businesses.

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"Parking controls are also a key part of the work undertaken to promote road safety, particularly for other kinds of road user. There has been increased interest in walking and cycling during lockdown and enforcement of schemes such as residents' zones provides space for people to move safely around their neighbourhood."

As part of the return of parking controls, any permit holder with a permit due to expire between 24 March, 2020 and 23 March, 2021 will be granted a three-month extension to their permit to cover the suspension of the parking service during the emergency period.

Anyone wishing to apply for a parking zone permit at this time should send their application to this address:-