Travellers coming into Scotland from abroad via airports like Glasgow Airport will be checked on to ensure they are following quarantine rules.

Previously, no follow up checks were carried out in Scotland to ensure people were sticking to the two weeks self-isolation rule because Scottish officials didn’t have clearance to access Home Office passenger data, the Health Secretary said.

Jeane Freeman said Public Health Scotland did not have access to the necessary records but the matter was being resolved.

Random checks were have been carried out in England but not in Scotland it was revealed.

Ms Freeman said: “We had to have our Public Health Scotland officials security cleared in order to access the Home Office systems.

“That’s the system you need to access to get passenger data - in order to protect people’s data.

“That has been resolved and those follow-up calls will begin this week.”

The quarantine rules could be relaxed this week for many as agreement is expected, on at least some of, a list of low and medium risk countries drawn up by the UK Government.

Menwhile the Westminster leader of the SNP has said restrictions of travel between Scotland and England may be required to ensure cases remain lower in Scotland compared to England.

Ian Blackford said limiting travel across the border could be needed to protect the success in lowering the number of people who are infected.

He said: “The fact is, you can see the prevalence rate here is much lower so we need to look at those coming in here and the kind of risks that are there but any decisions that will be taken by the Scottish Government will be based on the scientific advice that we get and keeping people safe.

He added: “ The simple fact of the matter is, we have had a reasonable success in driving down the incidence of the virus over the course of the last few months, it’s been hard won and of course we have to take the appropriate measures to make sure that we can continue to see that.”

The call comes after actions of a group at the weekend staged a protest to deter people coming north from England with a banner stating “Staycation - Keep Scotland Covid-Free” have been condemned by politicians.

Humza Yousaf, Justice Secretary, said the action was: “Horrible, reprehensible and vile”. He added “These morons don’t represent the Scotland I know and love”.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said: “ “We need people to come safely to Scotland to visit and to stay here on holiday and we should be encouraging that, not putting people off.”

A police Scotland spokeswoman said: “”Police in the Borders were called to a layby area near the A1 at Lamberton, following a report of protest activity at the side of the carriageway. Officers attended and suitable advice has been given to those in attendance.”