Shoppers and workers returning to the city centre as lockdown is gradually lifted will notice big changes.

More measures take effect today in the ongoing project to create more space for walking and cycling in the city centre.

Parking is suspended around George Square and bus gates being put in place around the south side of the square to stop cars entering from Cochrane Street and South Fredrick Street.

The stretch outside the City Chambers and the opposite end are already closed to all traffic and with bus gates at Nelson Mandela Place and the one at Gordon Street already reducing car traffic coming into the square from the west, the square will be almost car free.

Other changes are taking place that will transform how people get around the city centre.

The measures will be in place for at least the next ten weeks to allow more space for people walking to keep a distance and for cycling for people to get around without using public transport, which has a reduced capacity just now.

The council states: “To create a sustainable transport corridor around the south side of George Square, a temporary Bus, Taxi and Cycle Gate will be introduced on the south side of George Square and along South Frederick Street (northbound). “A temporary Bus, Taxi and Cycle lane will also be implemented on Cochrane Street. These will be in operation from 7am to 7pm”

Other work is underway to create more space for people on pavements.

A number of streets that are usually busy and with shops re-opened and more people returning to work pavements are being widened.

The following will be wider:

The west side on Union Street from the pedestrian crossing at the Central Station side entrance to Argyle Street the junction.

The east side of Hope Street, from Renfield Lane up to Bath Street

further up Hope Street also on the east side (from Sauchiehall Lane to Renfrew Street.

Bath Street, on both sides from Hope Street to Wellington Street.

Parking bays will be removed in the affected streets but the council said it will not affect the number of spaces for disabled people.

It said: “In general, Spaces for People will see no reduction in the number of disabled parking bays available, and where any are removed to facilitate footway widening, an equivalent number of bays or greater, will be re-positioned nearby.”

Work is taking place outside the city centre on main routes to create more space for cycling.

Roadworks are due to start tomorrow o the main road between Drumchapel and Knightswood for a temporary “pop-up cycle lane.

Glasgow City Council said: “This new route will increase the practicality and attractiveness of active travel for both leisure and commuting.”

It will turn the inside lanes in both direction on Great Western Road from general traffic use to walking and cycling.

The 2km long lane will be marked out by red and white traffic segregation wands from Duntreath Avenue to Linclon Avenue. Knightswood.