THIS is happening far too often in this location (Officers rushed to daylight assault in Argyle Street as man ‘left hurt on the ground’, July 4).

The public are being encouraged to visit the city centre to help the economy but they could be at risk of attack in a form other than the virus. The city centre needs to be made safer – there are far too many individuals roaming the streets causing havoc and using violence. I don’t care who is responsible, just get it sorted before any more people are injured.

Audrey Brookes-Smith

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SORRY FMK, I didn’t see your original reply with regards to my letter (Glaswegians outside city centre can’t be forgotten, July 4).

Yep, I completely agree with you on the point that landlords should have property inspected for health and safety reasons and as you said to make sure they are fit and proper. It’s the same with private businesses like shops etc, they all need to oblige by the rules. Although I still don’t agree on price-fixing, especially if you didn’t have such inspections.

Lots of people rant on about Mary Barbour being some kind of saint when she demanded rent caps. She is the reason why so many properties in Glasgow were left to ruin. The landlords would no longer improve the property due to not gaining more rent for them.

You get what you pay for at the end on the day!

John Galt

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THE UK Government has just stumbled from one chaotic decision to another during this crisis and we see yet another in the manner in which the pubs have been reopened south of

the Border. The scenes in West London clearly show social distancing and drunken revellers do not mix.

Of course, they are trying to play it down as usual, but all the ingredients are there for a second wave of this terrible virus and they just refuse to accept any responsibility.



I AM sure there are many supporters of Ms Sturgeon (right), but can they not see she is just playing political games with the Tories? And if we had voted for independence, where would we have got the money to help the Scottish economy? Not from oil, that’s for sure. And I must say I don’t support the Tories either.

The decision to make it mandatory to wear faces masks in shops, I was expecting months ago, but now it’s too much too late. Has she even thought about the people hard of hearing who depend on lip-reading? I have a few friends and family members who find this very hard when an assistant is trying to tell them something wearing a mask – this is surely victimisation!

Linda Johnston

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