Dozens of Asylum seekers are being left “malnourished” provided with food “not fit for human consumption” campaigners have claimed.

It is claimed 30 people are in the serious situation and are afraid to speak out for fear of detention and deportation.

Positive Action in Housing, has been campaigning for better conditions for asylum seekers in the city.

Robina Qureshi, director of PAH said they are being treated “worse than animals”.

Ms Qureshi said: “ In new emerging evidence it has come to our attention that 30 people kept in a separate location under the “care“ of Mears are being malnourished with food not fit for human consumption and left without any money or support.  

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“Some have advised that they have been threatened with detention and deportation if they dare to complain.  

“Many complain of depression and sleeping for long hours to dissociate from their circumstances. Many desperately worried about families back home.

She added: “They are malnourished and all bar none have complained of food problems and bed bugs but nothing has been done. But this is not about food or bed bugs it is about people subjected to an abuse of their human rights, warehoused for profit, treated worse than animals.”

Glasgow Times:

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In a sperate concern the charity said people who were moved out of the Park Inn after the multiple stabbing attack that led to six people in hospital and police shooting the attacker dead.

Ms Qureshi said: “Several have complained that they have been moved at short notice by Mears into dirty, uninhabitable flats all over Glasgow with no support, food, towels or access to money or support networks.”

She said complaints have included a mouldy flat with a dirty mattress.

Mears has been contacted for comment.

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