A VIOLENT thug who assaulted two men within the space of two hours was jailed yesterday for 33 months.

Michael Beuckmann, 27, pounced on Lee McLaughlin, 36, and Ceri Button, 32, in Glasgow city centre last October.

Celtic fan Mr McLaughlin was left with bruising and swelling after being repeatedly punched on the head and body.

Mr Button, who is homeless, was punched and had his passport and a toothbrush stolen.

Beuckmann pleaded guilty to the assaults and robberies yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

His pregnant lover Shelby Mann, 20, had her plea of not guilty to assaulting Mr McLaughlin accepted.

The court heard Mr McLaughlin , who was wearing a Celtic top and carrying a bag of medication and ID documents, was confronted near the Wayside Club at 10pm.

He was seized by the neck by Beuckmann ,who pushed him against a wall and punched him on the head and body.

Beuckmann continued to strike blows into Mr McLaughlin who fell to the ground and pulled off his football top.

Mr McLaughlin managed to run to the Crystal Palace pub with evident bruising, swelling and blood on his face.

He was kept in Glasgow Royal Infirmary overnight.

Beuckmann later approached Mr Button outside a McDonald’s in the city’s Jamaica Street at midnight.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “The accused went towards him and punched him on the head.

“Mr Button went towards Central Station, but was followed by Beuckmann who said ‘Give me your bag or I will kill you’.”

Mr Button handed over two plastic bags which contained a toothbrush, identity documents, aftershave and food.

Mr Button contacted the police and Beuckmann was later snared at the nearby St Enoch’s Hotel.

Lawyer Des Ziolo, defending, told the court Beuckmann was homeless at the time and had taken street Valium

Sheriff Alan Mackenzie said: “As you recognise due to the nature of the offence and your record the only appropriate disposal is a custodial one.”