SORRY but I just cannot let one of your readers – John Galt (July 6) – get away with publicly slandering Mary Barbour. He says she is portrayed as some kind of saint for ensuring that rent caps were introduced to mitigate the the actions of slum landlords.

These landlords callously calculated that, with many men away fighting in the First World War, they could force up rents and that the women left at home would be a soft touch. How wrong they were. Mary Barbour played a pivotal role in ensuring that these slum landlords, and those who subsequently followed them in the decades to come, were not allowed to treat tenants with such heartless cruelty.

Be in no doubt, there are still landlords out there who think their tenants are just a means of making a quick buck. Thank God for people like Mary Barbour.



I HAD something of a surreal experience, recently, courtesy of your “Glasgow Times” title.

The year 1974 came sharply into focus again, and the late, lamented “Glasgow Citizen”, which ceased publication in March of that year.

Halcyon days indeed; and another little piece of “Old Glasgow”. We lost the “Glasgow Citizen”; now we have the “Glasgow Times”. Thanks for the memory!

Brian D Henderson


THERE will be many more places like this closing (‘It has been a blast’: Broomhill ‘favourite’ Wee LOCHAN announces closure, July 5).

The economy has been decimated due to poor management by the Government and it’s taken its toll on these businesses. Shame, as things are slowly starting to get back to normal these places probably could expect a big influx of custom, but the damage has clearly been done.

Moonk Calder

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GREAT to see the SNP soar in opinion polls – along with an independence majority – for a sustained period.

Nicola’s approval of Covid handling is record high and Bojo is record low. Not hard to see why.

Pete Greene

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DON’T care what team he plays for, but what a spoilt, arrogant ****hole (Rangers star Jordan Jones admits careless driving charge on M8 and M77 in Glasgow).

Was he tailgating pensioners, frontline staff, newly passed drivers, a driver with a baby on board? He didn’t know cause he doesn’t give a monkeys. Hope he get his backside kicked by his employer.

Punky Monkey

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