As we are now firmly in the silly season, Rangers have their superstar signed up and ready to make an impact.

A signing from the Premier League last season. Rangers’ most important man, at this point, isn’t a player but Sporting Director Ross Wilson.

These are uncertain times for recruitment in football, the market as we knew it six months ago simply does not exist. Everyone, throughout the game, has to tighten their belts after months of no business.

The immediate negative effect that this will have for Rangers is that the high value assets in the squad have seen their worth drop through no fault of their own. Will £20M+ on Alfredo Morelos be seen as too much of a risk for buying clubs? Truthfully, it probably will. The more pressing issue right now is adding to the squad we have and making it a squad that can win trophies and ultimately win the league.

There will be no massive shake up or revamp of the playing squad this season, it will be about building on what we have. However, change is needed particularly in our style of play.

If you look online for the opinion of the Rangers support you can see two main issues that come up time and again about the current squad, Firstly, they are too soft. Rangers have been crying out for an enforcer in the midfield, someone to do the dirty work. What the fans really want is a Greame Souness or Kevin Thomson in there, someone that is undoubtedly a player but has that bit of evil in them when necessary.

Secondly, we are too reliant on certain players. This is a line of thought that I am a big subscriber to. More to the point, we are too reliant on James Tavernier and Morelos.

We rely on Tavernier to bomb down the wing and get the attack going from the flanks and we rely on Morelos to score the goals because, as we saw from January onward last season, if he’s not scoring, they're not going in.

If one or both Tavernier and Morelos are off their game, the team comes to a grinding halt. This can’t continue and will be the biggest challenge for Steven Gerrard which will likely define our season. We need something different.

I am of the opinion that something different is already in motion with the permanent signing of Ianis Hagi. Of course, that is strange to say for a player that was here from the end of the previous campaign. The possible difference now - and what I hope we do with him - is build the team around him. Ryan Kent should also have a pivotal role in 2020/21.

To go back to Wilson and his role in delivering the players that will bring us glory, there is no room for anymore of the likes of Brandon Barker, Greg Stewart or Sheyi Ojo. No more players that we don’t see for months on end, that are here simply for the sake of it. Every player that comes in this season has to have a purpose and make an impact.