A table was taken from a Govan cafe as it set up its outdoor dining area. 

Park Terrace Cafe expressed dismay after one of its tables 'vanished'  while they were putting out furniture for an outdoor seating area on Tuesday.

In a social media post, the cafe wrote: "What was meant to be a happy day, well, someone had something else in mind.

"Putting out furniture to start our outdoor dining and one of our tables vanish.

"So we are open for outdoor dining - minus one table."

It is understood the table was seen in the hands of a man near the cafe. 

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We told earlier how the cafe opened earlier this year to help fight social isolation during lockdown. 

Customers were able to order food and drinks through bay windows on the Govan Road cafe and have food passed to them. 

Manager and owner, Matthew O'Donnell, told the Glasgow Times in April: "I just want to be the guy through the window people can have a chat to, even if they don't want to buy a coffee.

"Just having someone to speak to for some people is the most important thing, so even if they don't want to buy anything and just want a chat with someone while keeping safe, that's why we're here."

Locals expressed shocked after the table disappeared, one said: "Seriously! After the good work, you have done for the community and this happens!
"Unbelievable, come on Govan help get the table back someone is letting your community down."

Another said: "Aww, that's terrible! Going to share, hopefully, someone will see and might get it back."