THE summer holiday season is always a slightly quieter period for Glasgow Taxi drivers.

Between the schools being off and people going away, it is often a good time for drivers themselves to time their own break too.

Except this year is different.

It’s even quieter than normal, ironically not because of people being away but because of people being at home.

Even though we are seeing things continue to unlock slowly, the streets remain eerily quiet and people are understandably cautious about where they are going and when.

Combine this with the fact that most drivers aren’t going on holiday … in fact many are just returning to work after weeks or months off.

It’s a tough situation for all, a bit of a waiting game to be honest, as people build up the confidence to return to “normal” life while staying within the rules.

All we can do is help them develop that confidence. We continue to spread the word that there is no safer mode of public transport than a black Hackney taxi, thanks to the partition in all of our cabs.

Our Separated, Sanitised, Safe campaign bolstered this message and was so effective it has been replicated (copied!) along the M8 by our friends at Central Taxis in Edinburgh. Imitation, flattery, etc!

All we can do is give the customers we currently do

help the very best customer service that we can. Sometimes, in these circumstances, it’s

not without the odd comedy moment. Like one hire I got last week …

Passenger enters taxi (via automatic doors and washes hands using gel inside).

Me: Hi there, where are we off to?


Me: Sorry?

Passenger: Oh sorry driver, that’s my mum on loudspeaker! Just going beyond Knightswood Cross please. (Right Mum, got to go!)

Me: Ah no problem, just I couldn’t see you speaking because of your face mask!

Passenger: Ha ha. Driver, is it ok to eat in the back of your taxi?

Me: Usually, aye, but you can’t with a mask on!

Passenger: Right enough – ha ha, I’ll just have to wait.

Me: You can have some of your mum’s loaf when you pick it up!

Loaf out loud! Stay safe everyone.